World-Class Bighorn Rams Skulls Found on Wildhorse Island1 min read

Great article about Wildhorse Island in the Daily Inter Lake newspaper.

It’s pretty incredible that so many world-class Bighorn Sheep are living and growing to record sizes on Wildhorse Island State Park. Wildhorse is such a special place and an amazing natural resource. It’s truly a jewel of the Montana State Parks system.

We hope this news gets you excited about State Parks and thinking about how you can help ensure parks like Wildhorse Island remain spectacular forever. Your donations are used to protect and preserve state parks for the people who visit and creatures who live in them.

We are planning to work with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to find homes for these amazing Bighorn Sheep specimens.  We hope that the excitement and interest a new world record Bighorn skull creates will help us raise awareness of the challenges facing Wildhorse Island, the five other Flathead Lake State Parks, and the Montana State Parks system across the state.

Stay tuned for news about the potential world record Bighorn skull as the official Boone and Crockett Club score is confirmed.

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