Brush Lake State Park, a Natural Wonder in Rural Northeast Montana1 min read

When most people think about far Northeastern Montana, images of or turquoise blue waters, freshwater reefs, and shrimp are not the images that first come to mind.  Situated just inside the Montana State Line from the busy Bakken oil fields of Northwestern North Dakota, Brush Lake is a natural wonder, recreational hub, and visitor destination all wrapped in one.

Once the community lake of the Scandinavian Communist Party in the early 1900s, this glacially formed lake is now known for its quiet, peaceful settings and the brilliant night skies that make it a certified “dark skies” location.

Growing up in Eastern Montana, it was not uncommon to see the Aurora Borealis during solar events, especially during the fall and winter.  Brush Lake’s northern latitude and remote location make it a “stellar” destination for your next stargazing or northern lights viewing adventure.

Check out Prairie Populists’ recent article about Brush Lake and learn more about this amazing park in the corner of Northeastern Montana.

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