The Montana State Parks Foundation is working collaboratively with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to provide critical housing for staff and volunteers at Chief Plenty Coups State Park.

Existing housing for staff and volunteers consists of a dilapidated travel trailer that has badly deteriorated in recent years. Due to Chief Plenty Coups State Park's remote location, housing is unavailable in the private rental market. Providing safe housing is a critical step in recruiting and retaining high-quality staff and volunteers to run the park.

This project will create a partnership with Billings West High School and their industrial arts courses to produce the housing unit. This partnership will provide hands-on educational opportunities for Montana high school students while building the housing structure to benefit state parks sta and volunteers for years to come.

Students will benefit by learning valuable skills, including framing, plumbing, electrical wiring, and finish carpentry, while providing a much-needed asset to a vital state park near their homes.


  • Teach important job skills to Montana High School Students.

  • Provide critical housing to State Parks Staff and Volunteers.

  • Protect Montana State Parks.

Chief Plenty Coups 6


Chief Plenty Coups 7
  • Make a tax-deductible donation to the Montana State Parks Foundation.

  • Donate your gently used furniture and household items.

  • Sponsor an industrial arts student for $300.

  • Donate building materials for the project.

Chief Plenty Coups State Park needs people like you.

Passionate and solutions-oriented people who are willing to be a part of positive change. Without your help, Chief Plenty Coups State Park will continue to face challenges hiring and retaining high-quality and committed staff and volunteers to keep the park running and thriving.

While the park's staff and volunteers do a great job keeping the park operating as smoothly as possible, it's up to us to help them do so with better and safer housing facilities for them.