The trail to the Sluice Boxes State Park overlook may lead to one of the most spectacular views in Central Montana, but the path itself is in bad shape and getting worse every day.

Currently, the trail passes through areas that are wet and muddy from a year-round spring.  Hikers, just trying to keep feet dry and clean, avoid the trail in this area and subsequently cause a lot of erosion and trampling of native plants nearby.

As if the mud and muck were not enough, the trail then climbs to a steep cliff area where negotiating the steep climbs and descents often proves too much for many park visitors.

We will build a bridge over the spring and build stairs to negotiate the cliff which will improve access to the outstanding overlook above Belt Creek.

Once the work is completed, the world class view of this Central Montana gem will be available to new hikers and longtime park visitors alike.

All of this great work is being supported by On X Maps, a Montana based company committed to protecting and preserving outdoor access for everyone.

On X Maps
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