Give Today & Help keep Montana State Parks
Open, Public, And Accesible

Give Today & Help keep Montana State Parks


2021 reminded us how to enjoy Montana’s rich state park system, spend time with loved ones, hike, camp, swim, fish, and enjoy the outdoors safely and meaningfully.

As a community, we raised over $230,000 to develop Somers Beach State Park, our newest state park.

We purchased property to double the size of Fort Owen State Park and developed critical access, including a new road, parking areas, and found historical artifacts during an archeological study.

We helped develop and provide critical housing and alternative lodging for the staff, volunteers, and visitors at Chief Plenty Coups and Makoshika.

Finally, we started The Visions Of Chief Plenty Coups documentary project, which will create a lasting, accessible documentary that captures the story of Chief Plenty Coups’ participation in the inaugural ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, VA, and the subsequent service of the Chief Plenty Coups Honor Guard, and Drumming Group at the 100th anniversary in November 2021.

OTHER Accomplishments

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Provided a yurt for visitors to rent at Makoshika State Park.

Grupo 16279

Installed new park benches at Wayfarers State Park

Grupo 16281

Completed the construction of a hike/bike in the campsite and an alternative caverns tour at Lewis and Clark Caverns.

Grupo 16280

Provided housing for staff and volunteers at Chief Plenty Coups State Park.

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