Give Now to Keep Montana State Parks
Safe, Open, and Accessible for everyone

Montana State Parks need your help more than ever.

It is up to people like us to make sure these state parks have the funds to remain safe, open, and accessible for everyone.

Your generous donation is vital to help us address the challenges our State Parks system faces: Montana State Parks' challenges, such as:

  • Montana has the most state parks and the second smallest budget in the Northern Rocky Mountains region.
  • Montana State Parks visitation keeps increasing, but budgets are flat.
  • Montana State Parks continue to be underfunded.

Give today and create a long-lasting impact!


Support Montana State Parks Foundation Current Projects


The Visions of Chief Plenty Coups documentary project

This project is creating a lasting, accessible documentary series that captures the story of Chief Plenty Coups' participation in the inaugural ceremonies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, VA, and the subsequent service of the Chief Plenty Coups Honor Guard, and Drumming Group at the 100th anniversary in November 2021.

Creation of an ADA dock at Frenchtown Pond State Park

The dock will be designed to accommodate people with disabilities, although its use will be open for everyone, young and old. Signage will encourage courtesy between those launching watercraft and those fishing. Park staff will also be on hand throughout the peak season to help ensure good dock etiquette.


Expanding, preserving, and revitalizing Fort Owen State Park

We seek funding to preserve and enhance the historical and educational resources at Fort Owen State Park for the enjoyment of all park visitors. Accessing Fort Owen State Park, which is currently limited, will also be addressed by improving road access, building additional visitor parking, and providing new access for school and tour buses.

Action Track Chairs

MSPF will begin fundraising to purchase an Action Trackchair, an off-road, motorized wheelchair for Lonepine State Park.  Lonepine boasts one of the best trail systems in the state park system.  Adding a track chair that can be reserved and used by visitors will open the trail system to a group of historically excluded visitors due to physical limitations.

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